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About us

Luna came to life after we learned a space would be opening up in the Oregon District of Downtown Dayton. The 'we' is our group of six longtime best friends. With a little bit of experience, hard-earned wisdom, passion for finding beautiful things, and an entrepreneurial spirit, we all jumped at the opportunity to open a new shop in the neighborhood we adore.



Our shop wouldn't be as amazing or running smoothly without the help of our two amazing managers and our extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. We are so lucky to have found such an amazing team. 




The initial concept was easy part of the equation. The challenge was trying to figure out how we were actually going to make our dream shop happen while we juggled all of our other commitments, and how our families would survive without us in the meantime. We have 9 children between all of us-and hopefully more to come! Our families are our first priority, and we are grateful they are supportive and understanding of our passions, goals, and hard work. 


Where some might laugh about the likelihood of six women getting along, and effectively working together as equals, we believe it is our greater strength. We build each other up, divide and conquer tasks, and are truly there for each other in every realm of life. While making our dream shop a reality took a lot of strategizing, sacrificing, and late nights, we had each other through it all. Our bond is not only what got us through the opening process, but has made us the best of friends over many years. We are kindred souls who like making things happen: we dream big, never shy away from a challenge, and love what we do!


Luna is filled with lovely plants, that we hand pick for quality, as well as jewelry, books, mugs, stickers and many other curated wares! We sought to fulfill a little niche downtown, a place filled with beautiful things that we would want to find while out exploring, and enjoying the neighborhood that we call home. We want to provide everyone who comes through our door a truly unique experience; whether it's for a plant, gift, or just to chat, we hope they leave happier for having stopped by!